Treasuries Have Nowhere to Go but Down

PDF version of this image: http://bit.ly/7JyJCq


I Gotta Be Short Lots of Treasuries

In a few paragraphs this article explains the coming collapse of Treasury securities. http://bit.ly/8sIez4


Another Bear Market Success Example 

Learn to love bear markets like David Tepper does. Way to go! Very few were standing on their feet during the dark days. http://bit.ly/6Xvnx8


Amazon.com for Finding Winning Consumer Products and Investments

Interested in knowing which company's products resonate with customers? Go to Amazon.com and monitor which products are the bestsellers on the site. If you are interested in investing in companies making winning products such as the iPod, Crocs, Uggs, OXO, Tempur-Pedic, and others, you can take the pulse of your favorite brands on Amazon.com.

On the site, you will find out how products rank with customers, and you will also discover emerging products. By listening to Amazon.com's consumers through reviews, comments, and forums, you will learn what makes a product a winner and it could lead you to a very profitable investment. You can also initiate discussions with a product's users by asking questions directly to the reviewers or to the product's forum community.

For example, take a look at the star ratings below to see what people think of Crocs. At the time of writing this post, Bigger Capital had an investment in Crocs (CROX).


How do OXO products score with reviewers on Amazon.com? At the time of writing this post, Bigger Capital had an investment in Helen of Troy (HELE) owner of the OXO brand.






My Recent Inflation Tweets

@StockTwits Fed will say we will print more money. ;-) $fed

@eWEATHER I like alpha hunter so far, but pretty oblivious to the inflation storm brewing on the horizon! How much $ can Washington print?

What are Americans seeing that I am not? I clearly see a country going over the cliff in the next few years. WTF am I missing?

David Dreman: "The Fed will comtinue printing money. Expect interest rates on long Treasurys to approach double digit within 3 years." OUCH!

Yes for lean hogs futures! RT @AllJimRogers: We Are Probably Going To Have A Food Crisis In The Next 5 To 6 Years http://bit.ly/6WAaqQ


Twitter for Internal Communication

The picture located below displays trades generated electronically by Bigger Capital’s algorithm (Strategy 2) feeding directly to a private Twitter account. All members of the Bigger Team who have been approved as followers of www.twitter.com/@biggerteam can see the trades executing in real time, anywhere, at any time.


The Best Investment Advice Ever!

Shelby Davis:"It is in a bear market you make most of your money, you just don't know it yet."

Here is a one pager on how we applied this principle for bed manufacturer Select Comfort (SCSS):




Getting my Hands Dirty with Crocs (CROX)

Some of the Crocs shoes I have analyzed as part of my investment analysis. Does not include the ones I gave to charity or the ones being shipped to my office.



More Investigative Tidbits about Crocs (CROX)

Another neglected facet about Crocs is Ocean Minded. Cool looking and comfortable.

Ocean Minded on amazon.com http://bit.ly/82tQRp


Interest Rates Cockroach Theory

Reverse Repos: First roach out of the Much Higher Interest Rates Cupboard. Don't listen to the Fed. Where you find one roach, you find many.