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One Year Ago at Plug Power

One year ago, on 5/21/2013 we had the opportunity to visit Plug Power manufacturing facility. This day will stand out as one of the most vivid experience of my entire life as an investor.

It ranks way up there with the day in 1995, when Benoit Lavigne met me at my apartment in the Solow building on 66th St in Manhattan to raise money for his fledgling but capital starved Innovative Fibers.

In both situations I could feel that both entrepreneurs/managers were emotionally intense as if they were facing a massive space of potential but needed more capital to ignite the rocket. 

Here is a picture of two emails I sent Andy Marsh at that time. We wrote this Post about our investment thesis following our visit.


Michael Bigger <mbigger@biggercapital.com>

to Andy
I see you on Tuesday 10 am. My partner Jennifer Galperin might join us. Let me know if this is an issue. 
Kind Regards,


Michael Bigger <mbigger@biggercapital.com>

to Andyrick_masonerik_hansendave_waldek, bcc: me
I want to say thank you for a wonderful visit. I also want to tell you that since my investment in Innovative Fibers in 1995, I don't think I have ever come across a company facing such a large opportunity given its market size. 
Keep the faith, you are almost there. "The obstacle is the Path".
Michael Bigger
Bigger Capital, CEO
Written by Michael Bigger 

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